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​​​IT-BI Business Technologies for legal services Chart_en.png

Based on our long-term experience of cooperation with law firms, we have developed a specialized package of IT solutions meeting primary requirements of law firms / legal departments.

Microsoft SharePoint: The platform of our solutions is a joint working portal that can be used by organizations of any size in order to enhance the efficiency of their business processes.

Potential solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint platform:

  • The system for managing Сlient/Matter and client contracts;
  • The system for managing client relations – CRM (Client Relationship Management);
  • Structuring any unstructured content of the organization;
  • Maintaining general tasks and calendars .

It also meets many other requirements, transforming circulating data provided in an unstructured format into intellectual assets of the company and serving as a single point of entry for all corporate information.

BI Share is the document management system for SharePoint that would enable you to establish a highly efficient process of work with your electronic documents by saving them in a separate corporate storage, which supports application of the uniform corporate policies and access control, minimize the time of search and accessing documents and maintain other functions.

Billing is the software for collecting information and generating reports on lawyer hours spent for client/non-client matters, as well as any additional expenses, which provides multiple reports and tools for dynamic presentation of information of any type.

Key advantages of the solution that you will obtain:


  • An opportunity to create many document libraries for different types of information;
  • An opportunity to create additional metadata for each document library or directory on-the-fly;
  • The package is composed into the integrated system providing transparent data access.


  • You will have an access to your data at any location and any time, without changing a customary method of working with documents or going beyond Microsoft Office interface;
  • Perform more tasks and find more solutions working anywhere, communicating with clients and teammates remotely. Mobility of the solution enables you to quickly and easily establish connection effectively at any location and any time.


  • Availability of multiple libraries gives an opportunity to distinguish between documents and better protect them from unauthorized access.
  • An opportunity to limit access to a document in one click of the mouse.
  • Server solution from the worldwide leader in IT sector ensures that you will be provided with a secure solution with continuous support and upgrades;
  • Notices of site content changes sent in the form of email messages (or SMS to a mobile phone) will help you to protect data from unauthorized deletion; you will always be aware who, when and how long worked with a document or accessed it.

Implementation of our package of solutions will enable you to make better decisions maintaining maximum confidentiality.

We love to work with legal professionals – knowing your main requirements, we offer an integrated approach to their solution.

You are welcome to contact us with respect to any IT-related matters using any means of communication at your convenience. We will be happy to help you.

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